FAQs / Help

An electronic ticket is an event ticket that is sent to your email after successfully completing your payment through our website.
There is a unique barcode on your eticket that will be scanned at the event entry gate.
The eticket is a more convenient way of purchasing tickets to events, you can easily buy your tickets at home.

As soon as your credit card is authorised you will receive your eticket to the email you provided.
When you receive your eticket simply print it and take it with you to the event, once you present your eticket at the gate the barcode on your eticket will be scanned, you may then proceed to enjoy the event.
You can use an ink-jet or laser printer and standard A4 white paper. The eticket is valid whether printed colored or black and white provided the barcode on your eticket is clear.
Your eticket is treated the same as a regular ticket, any unauthorized duplication of the ticket will prevent your admittance to the event. The unique barcode can only be scanned once.
Yes. we are eco freidnly and we don't like prints.
If you did not receive the confirmation email, we suggest checking the junk/spam folders in your email. We also recommend you add our email address – [email protected] - to your list of trusted addresses.
Avoid getting your eticket wet, the ink may smear causing the barcode to become difficult to read. Also avoid excessive folding of your eticket, entry may be refused if etickets are damaged or defaced in any way.
No. All sales are final. There is no refund, no exchange and no cancellation unless its 7 days prior to reservation . You must agree to these conditions if you choose to buy tickets online.
Commission for canceling tickets, 13 shekels . (According to the Consumer Protection Law)
No. (According to the Consumer Protection Law)