مسرح السرايا العربي - يافا
مسرح السرايا العربي - يافا

أكرم عبد الفتاح في عرض حي في مسرح السّرايا Akram Abdulfattah

Wed, Nov 2, 2022 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
مسرح السرايا العربي يافا
Akram Abdulfattah in Live concert performing his new album From Here in addition to previous and upcoming music.  Line-up :  Amr mdah on alto Sax  Nour Khell on Keyboard and Piano  Tamer Omari on Electric Bass  Bassel Mfrj on Drums.  Akram Abdulfattah(1990) is a young Palestinian-American violinist, music composer and producer.Akram's talent received national and international recognition as he formed the youngest Palestinian musical quartet, won prestigious awards and engaged in various international and cross-culture projects, most significantly the Marcel Khalifa Competition, and the National Music Competition for Ensembles.  Akram views abstract music as means to communicate to the world a powerful message of peace, love, serenity, and harmony; invigorating imaginative state of mind among his listeners, elevating their senses to higher spirituality and connecting them with their most inner selves. Akram's music sound is influenced by masters of the Arabic classical music who inspired him to crystallize his own musical philosophy, and he has learned from international and Arab master musicians of the modern time, who helped refine and nurture his talent. Akram's style creates a world of fusion music that is influenced by Hindu, Turkish, and Persian styles, reflecting the rich legacy and culture of oriental sounds in a modernized fashion.