Khashabi Theater مسرح خشبة
Khashabi Theater مسرح خشبة

One Way 29.9

Fri, Sep 29, 2023 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Hatib St 10, Haifa, Israel , Khashabi Theater
A captivating musical performance unfolds through a series of interconnected scenes, embarking on a personal journey led by live music. The journey begins in the neighbor’s kitchen and ends in the diaspora. In this performance, we are enchanted by the melodies of the Oud, Electric Guitar, and the rhythms of the neighbor’s kitchen tools.
Guided by the narration and the music, we traverse from one event to another, seamlessly weaving threads of memory, reality, and aspirations. This kitchen and its reigning queen, the neighbor, forge the morals, ethics, and social constructs that limit one’s dreams.
What is the cost of trying and failing? How can our surroundings influence both the attempt and the outcome? What is belonging?
A work By Carlos Gharzuzi  
Dramaturg and Artistic Consultant: Siwar Awwad
Live Music: Bakr Khliefe, Mazen Hamdan
Light Design and sound: Mohammed Shaheen, Mtanis Mazzawi
Translation: Reema Addaf 
Technical Manager: Moody Kablawi
Production and Stage Manager: Reema Assaf
Production Coordinator: Basel Tannous 
Produced by: The House Of Art - Tarshiha
In Arabic with English subtitles