فرقة شادن للرقص المعاصر
فرقة شادن للرقص المعاصر

"Trilogy" | Ramallah

Sat, Sep 16, 2023 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
مركز القطان - رام الله
A. M Qattan Foundation, Ramallah
‎مسرح القطان، رام الله 
Trilogy looks at the idea of “place” as a space that holds memories, hopes, disappointments, aspirations, experiences, moments of anguish and joy. The work takes place in three parts: starting with a dance film “Echo”, filmed in the courtyards of Jaffa, which is based on the testimonies of al-Mansheye families, who were displaced during the Nakba (the Palestinian disaster in 1948); onto a duet on stage “two flames”; and into a video dance that moves us through the market of the Old City of Nazareth, each part traveling a temporal and spatial line between past and present, history, memory and life
Following the performance will be a talk with Shaden Abu Elasal, the choreographer and artistic director of Shaden Dance Company, conducted by Dr. Maram Masarwi, a researcher, writer and academic.