مسرح السرايا العربي - يافا
مسرح السرايا العربي - يافا


Fri, Jun 16, 2023 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM
مسرح السرايا العربي - يافا
‏A film by Camille Clavel

‏Nagham, a Palestinian girl, decides to return to Bir'em, her family's village, which was destroyed in 1948. The teenager spends the summer reconnecting with memories of her grandfather.

‏Details of Cast
‏Sama Abuleil, Yazan Bakri, Ibrahim Eisa, Raouf Abu Fares, Elana Mahloul Luqa, May Endrawes, Lara Makhoul, Mahmoud Ehlel, Maher Talhami, Eyal Friedlander

‏Details of Crew
‏Jérôme Colin (Cinematography), Carole Borne (Editing), Nicolas Mollard (Music)

‏Producer Details
‏Thomas Micoulet, Sébastien Téot

‏Writer Details
‏Marc Wels, Camille Clavel