The Wonder Cabinet - مجلس العجب
The Wonder Cabinet - مجلس العجب

Amjad &Teddy Bears Picnic and Collective Jam@ Wonder Cabinet

Sun, May 21, 2023 9:00 PM - 10:30 PM
P684+WHH, Bethlehem , Wonder Cabinet
As part of the inaugural days of the Wonder Cabinet (19-21 May 2023), Amjad and Teddy Bears Picnic will perform as part of Act III in the opening music program of the Wonder Cabinet followed up by a collective jam. Act III runs every day from 9 pm to 12 am, where DJ and live sets animate the soon-to-be production facility of the Wonder Cabinet, which will turn into a dancefloor for the three inaugural days. 
Amjad & The Teddybears Picnic is a vibe. It’s a vibe born out of ‘90s jungle and late ‘90s / early ‘00s garage. It’s born out of a distinctly London sound, cultivated over the radio waves of pirate stations, sweaty basements and warehouse raves. It is a celebration of the resurgence of that sound, providing a platform to bridge between the sonic of London in the ‘90s with the producers and music of today. Amjad & The Teddybears Picnic holds a residency on Radio alHara, broadcasting every first Friday of the month at 10pm, Bethlehem time.
For any further information and enquires please contact: [email protected]
For the full program: https://wondercabinet.space/