The Wonder Cabinet - مجلس العجب
The Wonder Cabinet - مجلس العجب

The Wonder Cabinet opening: Souty and Ariwo

Sat, May 20, 2023 8:00 PM - 10:30 PM
P684+WHH, Bethlehem , Wonder Cabinet
As part of the inaugural days of the Wonder Cabinet (19-21 May 2023), DJ Souty and Ariwo band will perform as part of Act III in the opening music program of the Wonder Cabinet. Act III runs every day from 9 pm to 12 am, where DJ and live sets animate the soon-to-be production facility of the Wonder Cabinet, which will turn into a dancefloor for the three inaugural days. 
8 to 9 pm
9 to 10:30 pm
Ariwo featuring Ibrahim Owais and Dirar Kalash
Souty, Jerusalem born and raised selector and DJ. He started his electronic musical journey back in 2012 at el-beer, an underground Palestinian venue in Jerusalem. His unique music signature lies in its colorful and carefully curated track selection, blending downtempo, afro rhythmic beats, and organic sounds. 
Ariwo sculpts an immersive sound world using a base of Afro-Cuban polyrhythms, carnival melodies, cosmic jazz, and live electronics. The band brings together acclaimed Iranian electronic composer, Pouya Ehsaei, who’s released albums defined by ferociously austere electronic minimalism on Zabte Sote, one of the most in-demand trumpet players from London's jazz scene, Sam Warner, and Ghanaian-born percussionist, vocalist and composer, Afla Sackey.
For any further information and enquires please contact: [email protected] 
For the full program: https://wondercabinet.space/