مسرح السرايا العربي - يافا
مسرح السرايا العربي - يافا

‏A Life Made of Wood

Wed, Mar 8, 2023 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
טיילת מפרץ שלמה 10, תל אביב-יפו, ישראל , مسرح السرايا العربي يافا
‏A Life Made of Wood
‏Theatrical performance under research By Maya Umayyah Qish and Siwar Awad
‏Based on texts written by Sheikha Helawy
‏Performance: Maya Omaya Keesh
‏artistic accompaniment: Siwar Awad 
‏Lighting: Muhammad Shahin
‏Music: Khalil Al Batran
‏Décor: Ahmad Asaad
‏Graphic Design: Hazar Yousef
‏Production: Al Saraya Arab Theatre Jaffa
‏Language: Arabic, English subtitles
 An experimental theatrical show that originated from the short story “A Life Made of Wood” from the collection “Al-Talbia C345” by the author Sheikha Hlewa, and continues with selected stories from the series “Give one more Summer.”
 In "A Life Made of Wood" we look at the continuous attempt to satisfy within a personal and imaginary social framework. We use the deconstruction of the presented characters and track their choices and circumstances, in order to ask about the extent of the freedom of the personal decision of the human being, and the woman in particular.
 On stage, the actress performs inside a closed space the is determined by a pre-planned movement, trying to perform her work in the best way, and to fully commit to the laws of the theatrical game.  We place the act of trying to please in a performative laboratory through which we ask: If frames are an essential part of our identities and our need to belong - are they breakable?  Is accepting the frameworks and submitting to them and surrender, or is there a possible and achievable space between the complete acceptance of the frameworks and the revolution against them?