<div>The safest way to buy and sell e-tickets<br>Easily, professionally</div>
The safest way to buy and sell e-tickets
Easily, professionally
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Do you need an advanced system to easily and securely sell tickets for your showsComing?
My ticket website is specially designed to sell tickets online for all kinds of cultural events and activities. Art and entertainment. We provide advanced solutions and technologies for the easy and hassle-free ticketing process Previous experience on your part, for concerts, theater and cinema performances, and evenings Musical and cultural. These include online payment solutions, box office management solutions, sales reports, marketing and event promotion solutions and accompany our  clients to the success of your event.

Our goal is one, to ensure the success of your event by providing easy, secure and advanced solutions to empower you sell most tickets.
How do I sell my tickets with Tazkarti? quite easily
Once you have entered your event on the My Ticket website, you can sit back and relax. We will send to you notice once your ticket is sold and we will transfer the money to you the next business day. This is how easy to use Tzkrti website.
Sign up
Enter your details to register and build your page in a few quick steps.
Choose the ticket price
Then you have to enter the event details
and ticket price. We will direct you quickly and efficiency during the detail entry process your event, create types of your tickets, no knowledge required in technology to do this, we will in Tzkrti website guide you in a few simple steps how to enter the information.
Publish the event
After doing the above steps, tickets are ready for sale, we will post it on our platform. You can  purchase a marketing package promotion from my ticket website to help you reach the target audience.
Notice and conversion
We will send an alert once tickets start selling and transfer proceedings to you easily and safely.
Why should I use Tzkrti website?
Notice and conversion
We will send an alert once tickets start selling and transfer proceedings to you easily and safely.
My ticket offers solutions and techniques
Advanced ticket issuance and promotion process easily and professionally to produce musical concerts and theater performances, musical nights or any other kind, from artistic production, cultural, entertainment and others.
You can check customer tickets
And check their validity at the gate, easily enter the event and professional. We provide you with the ability to view and control in private ticket buyer data (such as email, address, etc.) to build a database and target audience and use them in your upcoming promotions.
Ease of buying and selling tickets
For all types of events without exception. A fully designed reservation system that includes
Detailed custom seat maps with social distancing feature. Provide our customers with their own page
On my ticket platform, designed with possibility to add logo and images and their colors.
Production and Marketing Team, professional and experienced, wide in the square, cultural, artistic, able to process to reach an audience locally and globally.
Create and design successful email campaigns with well-formulated content for promotion for events and marketing campaigns on Google and social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok. 360-degree marketing solutions to scale up and ensure the production and success of your event.
Tzkrti provides integrated and first-class services in everything related to production, marketing and promotion on demand. Promotion on Tzkrti platform which has the largest database and experience of more than 10 years in this field.
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