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  • Mon, Nov 30, 2020 12:00 PM

Donate in Support of Independent Culture

In the 48 Lands, Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights

Ezar, which comes from the Arabic "support", is a civil initiative that supports cultural artists and produces in the 48 lands (within the Green Line), Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights.

The initiative aims to invest in and support the independent culture by providing grants to cultural artists and producers for small creative productions that would benefit them and their community. The productions will be examined by a professional independent committee.

The Ezar initiative is based on the principle of community responsibility, solidarity, and mutual support, in light of the Corona crisis (Covid-19). The crisis has been negatively affecting the cultural and art sectors and their professionals, leading to their paralysis and almost complete disruption in view of the fact that supportive and fostering official cultural policies are absent, in addition to the blatant Israeli governmental discrimination. Furthermore, the closure of cultural facilities, such as theaters and public centers continues, as is the restriction of freedom of movement, hindering the ability to work and produce, disrupting many of the ongoing work of artists and cultural producers, as well as changes in the priorities and attitudes of donors supporting cultural projects around the globe in light of the crisis.

The initiators who have worked on launching Ezar are a group of cultural activists, artists, and civil society organizations who have worked on voluntary basis throughout the past two months planning for and running the initiative, believing in the role of culture and arts, as well as community mutual support, especially under such circumstances. 

Ezar aspires that the grant benefits cultural artists and producers, as well as the community they belong to, by supporting and enhancing their ability to work and produce, and to supplement the cultural sector with their creativity and productions.

We continue this journey by recruiting donations and financial support for the initiative, and in you we see an example of support, collaboration, and cooperation.

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